Subaru Outback vs. Volkswagen Golfing Alltrack

Subaru Outback vs. Volkswagen Golfing Alltrack: Which Should You Buy?

These fun-to-drive all-wheel-drive wagons have a style for excitement

If you have even a moderate anti-SUV mindset and pass up the wagons of yore, like the spirited Audi A4 and Acura TSX wagons, we suggest examining out the Volkswagen Golfing Alltrack and Subaru Vorortgürtel. These modern wagons incorporate extroverted styling with all weather traction, respectable fuel economic system, and packaging versatility, conceding important little to likewise priced SUVs.

Even though the Subaru Outback has led that anti-SUV brigade for several model generations, the Golf Alltrack debuted just in 2016. Using its swollen stance, the Alltrack truly does its best to look like a small-SUV alternative and attract outdoor thrill searchers. It comes with body cladding on the bumpers and fender flares, as well as a minor increase in clearance. 4wheel drive is standard. Taking into consideration the VW’s European lineage, the Alltrack is an stimulating counter to the extensively sold Subaru Outback.

Because of their similarities, choosing the right one for you could be challenging. As with all comparisons, each wagon has its strengths and flaws.

The photographs below allow you to drag still left or right to compare basically and reveal the exterior or interior of the Subaru Outback (left side in each photo) and Volkswagen Golf Alltrack (right side).

Subaru OutbackVolkswagen Alltrack

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